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Safeguards and recommendations for ZED Security & Guarding’s staff during the Coronavirus outbreak:


  • Minimize contact with other people.

  • Always wear gloves and masks where appropriate in multiple - person environments.

  • Wash hands and use hand sanitizer regularly.

  • Make sure that you clean and sanitise items, equipment or machinery other people have used before using yourself, and again once you have finished.

  • Wash clothing and uniform regularly and be mindful of cross-contamination.

  • Make sure you always use the allocated Personal Protective Equipment including gloves, sanitisers etc., and let us know ASAP if you are running low, keeping in mind there are long delays of up to two weeks with supply and delivery.


REMEMBER: taking care of yourself means you are also taking care of your family, friends and loved ones too. We need you to have a safe working environment during these challenging and difficult times, so please don’t hesitate to contact Loren or Gordon if you have any questions or concerns with work or operational policies and protocol.


Tel: 01206 588162

Email: info@zedsecurityguarding.co.uk