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Staff newsletter - May 2020

Welcome to ZED's fifth staff newsletter of 2020.


May has been and gone it seems to have flown by!

We have all been busy with Colchester Hospital, Addenbrookes and

Town patrols working in partnership with OUR Colchester.


Still no sure news when public events can restart, so as a team we will keep planning and still have hope that some events will take part this year.


colchester castle.jpg



We are pleased to have our contract renewed with Colchester Museums, looking after the most iconic and prestige buildings in the area.

We have also taken on a further two more schools for key holding and mobile patrol services and are in talks with a few more establishments that should be with us in the next few weeks after a site visit when Covid-19 allows.


We are still keeping our fingers crossed with the events as I know many of you enjoy working them. We still have events that have not been cancelled yet dating from August onward. Once we can confirm that these will be going ahead we will arrange for these to be staffed.


Key Holding and Mobile Patrols

Alex Jegorovs

Alex has gone above and beyond his duties shown great work ethic and drive.

Both Colchester and Addenbrookes hospital have given great feedback about Alex. So well done keep up the great work and service your giving to all areas you work in.

costa coffee.png


You will get a £20.00 Costa Coffee voucher shortly

Well done and a big thank you from the management team, clients and community.

You have shown great work ethic and drive to deliver great service and care.

We have ordered the vouchers online and will be delivered shortly.

BID logo_Our Colchester.png

Well done to all those that are on patrol and continue to deliver great service.

The service is continuing because of all great feedback from all that are involved in OUR Colchester, CCTV, Police and businesses.



The third month of working at Addenbrookes.


This has grown and that’s thanks to all your hard work and delivering great service to the hospital. This month is going to be the same so well done to all.




With the demands from the hospital with the red and green zones (Covid driven), sometimes there is a delay in covering bed watch duties.

I would like to kindly remind  you on how the Hospital shifts work for us as a management point of view.

1. We all know that Bed Watches can start and stop at any time that is the nature of the contract.

2. We receive a call and an email at any point over a 24 hour period to supply staff immediately.

3. One of our managers then jumps to action to source staff members to react to this call whilst collecting any relevant data and inputting shifts onto our booking systems and updating Hospital Staff.

4. If we CANNOT supply on the immediate shift the task will be given to a second in line company therefor causing a loss of work and a drop in wages.

5. We ask everyone to try an pull together and cover these initial periods in order to guarantee your follow up shifts as we all know the tasks can last up to 3 months work.

So all we ask is that we try and club together to get the first initial shifts covered, split shifts can be organised.


We understand that some calls or messages may be unsocial hours and you may be on a rest day but all we ask is that when you read the message can you please acknowledge with a reply whether you can or cannot work to the immediate task so we do not have to disturb the whole work force. RED and GREEN Zones will not last forever so we need to keep the foundations of the work fulfilled for future projects.

If you know anyone looking for work please forward there details to the office and we can arrange to have a chat with them.


You have all been a credit and shown what we can do when we all work as a team and pull together more of the same which makes all our lives better.

You’re a credit to yourselves, clients, community and the company.


Just a reminder to everyone to please make sure they sign in and out of every shift. This is really important from both a Health & Safety and emergency protocol perspective, plus also to confirm when you are at work. If for any reason your venue does NOT have a signing in book, contact us and we'll get this resolved as a matter of urgency.


Please make sure you all sign in the ZED Security and Guarding log book at the Colchester General Hospital which is located at the help desk on the left hand side of the desk.

This is to ensure correct payment and used for any fire checks that take place.


Please could everyone download the citizenAID app, via App Store or Google Play.

This app contains information on both vehicle and acid attacks, alongside shooting, stabbing and bombing incidents. There is also guidance for what to do on encountering an unattended item in a public place. This guidance also supports the response of staff who work in these areas where unattended items are a common occurrence, and is great source of information for anyone working within the security industry.


Awareness e-learning

www.gov.uk/government /organisations/ national-counter terrorism-security-office


The British Transport police”see it. Say it.sorted

www.btp.police.uk/latest news/see it say it sorted new natio.aspx


In order to enable to us to ensure that we are  keeping to our high standards of work and also to receive feedback on how we can improve our service can I request that you can take a moment to fill out our short feedback questionnaire.





On a negative note I am still waiting for people to action Staff Appraisals and Employee Feedback Forms.

These need to be done for your benefit. It only takes 5 minutes which you all have while working so no excuses. I will be following up those that haven’t completed them.

If you’re having troubles come to the office and Al will only be too happy to help.

Thank you for those that have done so.







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Until next month, stay safe!


Al’s Amusing gag of the day.

Why don’t scientists trust atoms?

Because they make up everything!!


We pride ourselves on the security services we provide, and the value we place on our team.