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Staff newsletter - APRIL 2020

Welcome to ZED's fourth staff newsletter of 2020.


It’s been a very busy time at the NHS Hospital's and our Colchester town patrols .

We have all played our part in providing a great service to all of our sites. Management are continuously receiving positive feedback from all the work that you are carrying out.




The first month of working at Addenbrookes Hospital John and his team have nothing but praise for all you have done.

This had been a great success and we would like to pass on our thanks for all of our staff that are positioned there. You have all been professional, a credit to yourselves and worked well with the Hospital team.


We are still planning events for as and when we get the go ahead from the relevant bodies so keep an eye out as when it starts it’s going to be a busy time for all the ZED Security and Guarding team. So Fingers crossed for a full program in the summer and rest of the year.

(Still no update exact dates on events but we are still continuing to plan with our clients)




Well done and a big thank you. You have shown great work ethic and drive to deliver great service and care.


You will get a £20.00 Costa Coffee voucher shortly

Well done and a big thank you from the management team, clients and community.

You have shown great work ethic and drive to deliver great service and care.


We are still working on getting Costa vouchers to last months staff and they should all be with everyone next week (Bill its up to you!)

The town patrol has been going for over a month now and we have been receiving

Great feedback from Our Colchester team, businesses and residents.

This is proving a great service and advert for Zed and the services that we can provide.

Well done to all those that are on patrol.

SAM - Business Improvement District Manager

"I have been on a conference call this morning with several agencies regarding the on-goings around safety in the town centre. It has been reported to me that there has been a large decrease in break-ins and criminal damage to businesses since your patrol has started which is fantastic. The intel we are receiving from the incident logs is helping us to pass key intel onto key agencies ."


The Colchester food bank which is located around the corner to our offices 

have put out a plea for personal cleaning products, Shampoo, body wash, deodorants and such like products.

If you can help you can leave any items at our office or take them directly to the food bank.

Thank you in advance.

ZED Security and Guarding's staff have managed to collect over £200 of items to donate so far.

If you would like to make any donations their address is;

Colchester Foodbank, 33 Moorside Business Park, Eastgates, Colchester CO1 2ZF.

Open Monday to Saturdays from 10am to 2pm. Closed on Sundays & Bank Holidays


**we forgot to take a picture of all of the donation so here is part of it!


In these most testing of times and with everything else you have to contend with during both work and home life we would like to thank you to all that have continued to work with and for Zed over this time.

You’re a credit to yourselves, clients, community and the company.


Just a reminder to everyone to please make sure they sign in and out of every shift. This is really important from both a Health & Safety and emergency protocol perspective, plus also to confirm when you are at work. If for any reason your venue does NOT have a signing in book, contact us and we'll get this resolved as a matter of urgency.


Please make sure you all sign in the ZED Security and Guarding log book at the Colchester General Hospital which is located at the help desk on the left hand side of the desk.

This is to ensure correct payment and used for any fire checks that take place.


Please could everyone download the citizenAID app, via App Store or Google Play.

This app contains information on both vehicle and acid attacks, alongside shooting, stabbing and bombing incidents. There is also guidance for what to do on encountering an unattended item in a public place. This guidance also supports the response of staff who work in these areas where unattended items are a common occurrence, and is great source of information for anyone working within the security industry.


Awareness e-learning

www.gov.uk/government /organisations/ national-counter terrorism-security-office


The British Transport police”see it. Say it.sorted

www.btp.police.uk/latest news/see it say it sorted new natio.aspx


In order to enable to us to ensure that we are  keeping to our high standards of work and also to receive feedback on how we can improve our service can I request that you can take a moment to fill out our short feedback questionnaire.





Can we please ask all staff to start filling out their initial appraisal forms please, once we have these we can start getting you booked in to come and see us for a coffee and cake. (Loren is buying)


We also have a feedback form for any issues that you would like to raise, this helps the management team help become better employers, it would be appreciated if we could receive these also.






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Until next month, stay safe!


Al’s Amusing gag of the day.

How does NASA organise their company parties?




We pride ourselves on the security services we provide, and the value we place on our team.

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